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This unpublished project contains ubuntu and network knowledge, as well as PHP, Ajax, jQuary and OpenSCAD code.


Photo Tourist Remover

Erase view blocking tourists or other distractions from your photos by seamlessly blending two or more photos into one single photo.
Location Tracker for Developer

Access your mobile devices location securely with every programming language.

Web Apps:

HDR Calculator

The HDR calculator is a little App that helps you to estimate the EV values for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos on your DSLR camera.
Server Utilization Plotter

This web program plots the CPU and GPU utilization as well as the RAM and GPU memory usage of all our company server in a nice bar diagram.


Interactive Image Viewer

This python class will start a user friendly TkInter GUI in seperated processes with image history and live contrast adjustment.
Universal Parallelization Class

This class tries to overcome the bad load balancing of the pre-implemented python parallization methods. Besides that it contains live status outputs.

For more please feel free to visit at my GitHub page.